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Acrobat Display Stand for Wooden Training Bike

Bicycle Stand.
Price: 10.00BGN

Acrobat Wooden Bike Inner tube 12''

Accessories for your bike for children.
Price: 8.33BGN

Acrobat Wooden Bike Tire 12'' MTB Profile

Accessories for your bike for children.
Price: 12.50BGN

Transformer Convertor 110V-220V 100VA

Transformer Converter TC series are designed to power the household and industrial appliances with 220VAC or 110VAC. They are specially designed for such electronic equipment whose rated AC voltage different from that of the local grid. Transformers are safe for use within the specified parameters .
Model : TC- 100
Type : AC / AC return
Input voltage : 220VAC or 110VAC
Output voltage : 110VAC or 220VAC
Rated power: 100 W
Output Current : 0.9/0.45 (A)
Performance: metal box
Connectors : USA Contact + cable EU
Purpose: The supply of household and industrial appliances
Weight: 1kg.
Price: 30.00BGN
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