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TEA for breastfeeding mothers, babies and young children. 

Bekley-Organics Tea Range includes a variety of 5 different teas – Breastfeeding, Calming, Stomach-Ease Tea, Fruit Tea and Immune System Boost Tea. It is specifically designed for breastfeeding mothers, babies and young children.  The special herbs’ blends have been carefully chosen to comprise a balanced combination of the essential vitamins and minerals for both mother and her baby. A healthy diet, which includes an enhanced quantity of vitamins and minerals, is vital for the mother to recover after the pregnancy period and the labour but they are also essential for the baby who experiences a very rapid growth in the first year and has an increased need for vitamins and minerals to build her immune system. The tea is suitable for babies from the earliest age and can be consumed in several ways.


Skin Care (5)

-          Nutritional supplements/Teas for babies and nursing mothers: Breastfeeding tea, Fruit tea, Immune system boost tea, Calming tea, Stomach ease tea

-          Mineral/Spring water for pregnant, nursing and babies - 0.5lt (comfortable and easy to put in the bags) and 1.0lt package

-          Hard soap(extra virgin oil with laurel berries oil)

-          Balm against hacking - when changing nappies

-          Massage oil for baby 2nd month

-          Light oil after bath

-          Oil with calendula fit for skin prone to dermatitis and allergies

-          Baby oil for bath

-          Purees for ages 4 month to 1 year of age, as recommended by the World Health Organization

-          Oil for pregnant

-          Oil for the mother after birth

-          Oil relief swollen feet when pregnant

Breastfeeding and Health (5)

TEA for breastfeeding mothers, babies and young children

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